Welcome to the New Healing Harp Blog


Welcome to the New Healing Harp Music for Wellbeing Blog

Healing Harp Music for Wellbeing has been developing music for the last 10 years. Music that has been composed with health, wellness and wellbeing in mind. As a nurse with experience in therapeutic music my life has been dedicated to supporting the health of my patients and the recovery of our military veterans.

Over the last 10 years through academic research and personal experience the Healing Harp Music for Wellbeing label has grown and developed to support the daily wellbeing of individuals around the world. At present the Healing Harp CDs, MP3s and Global Journey Music range are being heard in 75 countries worldwide; used to lull and soothe 250,000 babies to sleep at bedtime through “Ewan the Dream Sheep” and Healing Harp for Mummies and Babies Music; support over 43,000 troops since 2001 struggling with anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) and support cancer patients during chemotherapy treatments.


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